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Wintex Disco Carrom Powder +++

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5 gram WINTEX Disco Carrom Powder

Used for reducing friction on the boards surface allowing for smoother sliding action of the carom men, making your game much more enjoyable.

Regular powder damages wooden surfaces, however these Carrom Powders improves a wooden board surfaces lifespan, and prevents micro scratches which marrs the surface over time, exposing its surface to more damage.

Only a small amount of this powder is required prior to every game. It is highly discouraged the mixing of powders on your playing surface, lightly wipe board with a soft cloth before switching powders.

Our personal opinion and advice is to use a wood cleaner or basic polishing agent to clean and maintain your surface every few weeks. After a wipe down with a light, soft chamois cloth, an off the shelf Lemon Pledge spray is recommended to be used with a light buff. 

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