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InstaShaker - The Original Electric Protein Shaker -

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InstaShaker - Rechargeable Protein Shaker 20oz/600ml

USB Rechargeable Vortex Mixer Cup with Bonus Powder Storage Compartment and Gift Box.

  • Blends better. The powerful 16,000 rpm motor is guaranteed to give you a better blended shake than your old-school manual shaker.
  • No More Lumps. The rotating propeller dissolves any lumps giving you a better tasting and smoother shake in less than 30 seconds.
  • Portable. InstaShaker is lightweight and easy to carry along to the gym, work or when traveling.
  • Easy to Clean. Just add some water and detergent, spin for a few seconds, rinse and done!
  • USB Rechargeable. InstaShaker comes with a USB cable that saves you the cost and hassle of charging batteries.
  • Bonus! Includes a convenient protein pod to store your protein or other powder.

Portable electric shaker for protein shakes, powdered drinks or supplements.

Forget about long, manual shaking only to discover un-mixed lumps of powder while you take your first sip! InstaShaker, was created for a better way to make your protein shakes and other nutritional drinks! Not only does the InstaShaker dissolve all clumps of protein powder, it does it in seconds! 

1. Fill the shaker cup with liquid of your choice.
2. Add protein or other powdered supplement and close the lid.
3. Push the power button to activate the vortex. Turn off after 10-30 seconds and enjoy your shake!

InstaShaker is the ultimate must-have fitness accessory. Makes a perfect present, Christmas or birthday gift for any sport enthusiast!

PS. InstaShaker also works well for baby formula, creatine, meal replacement powders and pretty much any other powdered supplements! 


Get the InstaShaker®.

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