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Sex Tape - CHAMOIS GRIP TAPE Osaka Hockey -

  • $2900

5 meters long of grippy goodness in a stylish and handy tin.
35mm wide, and available in different colours!
Sufficient length here for wrapping your "sticks" 3 or 4 times. ;)

Chamois grips like the top-of-the-line SEX TAPE is popularly used by field hockey players to enhance the grip & feel of your stick, especially if you're in a hot & humid environment, on wet astro pitches, or if you have unusually sweaty palms. Chamois grips are "over-grips" which means they do not have adhesives on them, instead they are merely wrapped around the hockey stick handle, and at most times just back-taped at the beginning & at the ends.

They are very good at preventing the hands from slipping off the stick and are especially useful when wet, as they are designed to absorb moisture. Most internationals will use chamois grips over their existing grips for that extra feel and grip in the wet.

The chamois grip for field hockey gets its name from the chamois-leather, but it's not related in any way other then the similar characteristics, feel & texture of these materials.

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