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Adidas Tango Sala Allaround Ball +

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From the re-engineered tradition of the Tango series: the legendary ball introduced initially in 1978 is re-launched by Adidas, merging history and innovation.

100% natural rubber panels resists marring and premature wear, machine stitched for excellent strength and durability on hard or rough surfaces.

Soft yet powerful tactile touch, with optimal trajectory maintenance.

Graphics incorporates the classic lines of Tango, with small but significant differences in the logo, marrying the tradition of the white/black with the modern style finishes.

Specifically designed for street soccer , and is perfect for asphalt ; concrete and hard/rough surfaces.

A true classic of the Adidas line:in a modern silhoutte with modern evolutionary technology for the evolving street and indoor game.

100% natural rubber
Precision tight seam machine stitching
Size 5 SALA

Perfect for club play and match training for all age groups.
Incorporated with an advanced panel technology and adopting the latest mechanical manufacturing techniques, resulting in a multi-layer architecture drastically enhancing ball roundness, shape retention and durability.

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