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Adidas Essential Jump Rope

  • $1200
  • Save $1.90

An attractively priced rope, yet highly durable for public use and is great for schools, gyms, personal trainings etc. 

Skipping is an excellent exercise to build endurance, speed and agility.

The old-fashioned leather rope is no longer the only option with new materials and technology, and this 3m long adidas Essential Skipping Rope is easily adjustable and features slim grip handles for a streamlined, full body workout.

Simple yet effective, the essential skipping rope is designed to challenge your cardio endurance with balance and hand eye coordination motor skills at a raised heart rate. 

Stay strong & agile anywhere you go with this compact equipment which doubles as a great warm-up tool.

• 3m in length
• Adjustable adidas Essential Skipping Rope
• Fast smooth action
• Slim grip handles

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