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Voodoo UNLIMITED E3 - 100% Carbon -

  • $32000
  • Save $170

MB = Mid bow - 22mm Curve peak at 300mm Curve position

Mid-to-low curve profile with a high balance-point. this stick features a lighter feel with a quicker head speed offering superior ball control. Its Mid Bow shape provides perfect balance and an exceptional power-to-weight ratio, for optimal control, power, and feel. Constructed using the highest quality carbon fiber materials and a premium lay-up that provides an excellent feel. Also utilises a maxi head shape offering a larger sweet spot, harder hits, and more control during reverse stick play. This stick's deadly power rating sure won't disappoint, and neither will its sleek black and gold design!

  • Utilizes a "Soft Touch" custom sleeve made of twaron aramide for more control and an incredible feel
  • Supa Light twin channel construction for an extraordinarily light feel
  • Double Kevlar design added a double layer of Twaron Aramide to the hook to reduce wear and increase longevity of the stick
  • Intelligent Resin technology uses a resin outer membrane to provide a unique soft feel and more control
  • Material: 100% Carbon
  • Experience: Elite
  • Brand: Voodoo
  • Type: Outdoor
  • Toe Shape: Maxi
  • Bow Shape: Standard

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