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Umbro - UX 2.0 Club FG +++

  • $1,00000

UX-2 is a new and improved version of the odl UX boot. It is refined and Umbro has focussed on giving the player maximum control.

  • New version of the Umbros UX controlboot
  • Upper is made of one piece - Weight: 288 grams
  • Updated A-frame design

Light upper to allow greater control of the ball
The upper is made with a light and breathable material, which is durable enough to resist even the toughest challenges, while still being soft enough to give you a tight feel with the ball. The breathable material is made with a seamless construction, which further increases comfort and ball contact. To give you the utmost control, the boot has specially designed 3D zones that increases friction between ball and boot.

Maximum control requires maximum lockdown
Umbro have further developed their A-Frame design, which now gives increased stability and security when you wear the boot. The extra lockdown effect makes sure you are firmly placed in the boot, so you get maximal power in your play. The boot is furthermore made with a high and reinforced heel counter, which works as a cage for your foot. The heel counter is the boots spine, as it surrounds your heel and gives soft comfort for your Achilles and heel.

Sole combines manoeuvrability and grib 
To give maximal grip on the pitch, the Umbro UX-2 is made with a whopping 10 studs, just under front foot! Four studs on each side of the front foot and two in the middle all help to give you better comfort, as pressure is dispersed around the many studs.

Weight: 288 grams

This HG boot is made for hard ground surfaces such as natural grass, artificial grass, earth and gravel.

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