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Myofascial release, is the loosening of both the muscles (where the word “myo” is taken from) and the connective tissue (fascia) which surrounds them both. The Dynamic Roller Set provides for all the benefits of self-massage, including myofascial release, relaxation and stress relief for use at home, the office, in the gym & on the go

Get rolling now & get flexible, to train continuously, longer, harder & stronger!

Advantages of the trigger point rolling pin

  • ideal for trigger-point massage & 
  • very practical as it can be taken with you everywhere
  • made of vinyl nylon plastic & is light yet  durable
  • Improves blood circulation and releases muscles tension and tightness.
  • Assists in body support and trains core muscle strength.
  • Very portable at 45cm long & 500g light.
  • We appreciate that it might not be easy to know how to use trigger point massage tools, so do speak to us & help us help you!

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