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Three-tone electronic whistle suitable for police, lifeguards, teachers, referees, umpires, tour guides, sport trainers, cheerleaders, traffic guides, coaches, military training, rescuers or anyone caught in a situations that calls for its use. 
These improved handheld whistle can be set to one of three distinct tones to prevent disruptive play in games & gain attention in any situation. The fast-action push button response and loud 125dB sound stops play instantly. A hygienic solution for multiple users!

- Triple tones selectable. 
- Ease of use with a push of button provides a loud, clear, and consistent sound. 
- High decibel of up to 125 dB. 
- Handy and hygienic. 
- Supports up to 4 hours of continuous sound blasts. 
- Especially suitable for athletic coaches. 
- Use as a locator in emergency situations. 
- Use as a safety alarm for crime prevention. 
= Dimension: 12cm(L) x 3.2cm(D). 
- 2AAA batteries and adjustable wrist lanyard included.

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