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Real Gear - Xtreme Cooling Towel +++

  • $2790


The Real X Gear Xtreme Cooling Towel are for the active outdoor person and keep you cool all day long! Available in 3 colors (pink, white and blue), they are machine washable and come in their own storage container.

How to Care for Xtreme Cooling Towel: The Xtreme Cooling Towel is re-usable and machine washable. Rinse with ware water before using the first time. Just like any other garment machine or hand wash with cold water, mild detergent and air dry. The towel will dry stiff. Simple re-wet and the towel will soften for use. The storage container is ideal for transporting the towel to your activities.

(After several washes) towel may fade. Large Towels: 16″ x 24″


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