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Molten Vantaggio 5000 - FIFA Matchball -

  • $12900

The Molten Vantaggio 5000 is a high quality FIFA and NFHS Approved match ball from Molten-JAPAN, made by the world-renowned Matchball factories in Thailand. Featuring patented ACENTEC cross fusion bonding technology, a premium high density latex bladder, and an enhanced multi-layer architecture, this ball is ready to go no matter what the circumstances or conditions.

Molten is moving in a new direction -  as the world's largest ball and sports equipment manufacturer. Guided by the brand statement, 'For the real game', Molten is committed to producing the absolute best quality sports equipment to help athletes maximize performance and realize their full potential. By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten will continue to create products of impeccable quality to serve and support the growth and development of the global sports community. Trusted by even premier brands such as Adidas to manufacture the Matchballs for the FIFA Worldcups & EURO leagues.

• Tech Specs

 The Molten Vantaggio 5000 Soccer Ball features Molten’s patented ACENTEC™ cross fusion bonding technology, which creates a seamless surface on the ball, delivering athletes the control and consistency that they demand with every contact. Combined with an enhanced multi-layer architecture and premium high-density latex bladder, this technology reduces water absorption while optimizing the flight path of the ball. 

  • Patented ACENTEC™ cross fusion bonding technology

  • Enhanced multi-layer architecture

  • Premium high density latex bladder

  • FIFA Approved and NFHS Approved
    ( FIFA QUALITY PRO 205.A1F )

The Molten Vantaggio 5000 Soccer Ball is available in Size 5 for S$129.00 in stores. 

• User Review

The Molten Vantaggio 5000’s high price tag might shock some at first, but you'd have to admit that the ball feels and performs very well, & on par, if not better then other premium brands retailing from S$199 to S$239 such as from Adidas or the highly over-hyped Nike Matchballs.

The touch and feel when striking the ball is like any high quality match ball priced much higher then its on retail tag of S$129, and is durable enough to withstand turf, rain, etc.
There's very good cushioning when shooting the ball, to get that nice ‘ping’ sensation, and one would be able to get really good touches when juggling and dribbling. Due to the fact that the ball is thermally bonded, it's very smooth and consistent while playing with it, staying true to its science of being TRUE ROUND SHAPE with this construction method. The design makes it very simple and easy to track in the air.

This is a FIFA and NFHS Approved match-ball.

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