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Molten BG4500 FIBA Basketball - B7G4500 +

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Molten B7G4500 FIBA Approved Cat 7 basketball.

*Be Original, Buy Original*

  • FIBA Approved official 12 panel
  • 2-tone design
  • Composite cover
  • Nylon Wound
  • Butyl bladder
  • Indoor use
  • Available in official size 7 (B7G4500) and intermediate size 6 (B6G4500)

Molten introduces the new BG-Series, as the official basketball of FIBA. As one of the top basketball brands worldwide, Molten continues to create superior quality basketballs with the latest innovative technology.

The new surface texture offers the ideal grip that improves ball control when in contact with sweat or moisture. The sleek design of the BG-Series allows for optimum performance, ultimately enhancing the way the game is played.

Durable composite leather cover designed to perform indoors and handle the elements of the outdoors.


      The latest arrival of the new Molten X Basketball Technology was introduced earlier in 2015, now been improved further. Used in the British Basketball League, Molten thus released a new basketball for use at the top level in UK. Updates spot a new look, a new feel, and a new level of performance, as an improvement from the original Molten basketball model.


      Molten basketballs have four layers of construction; the surface, rubber cover, windings and the bladder.

      As well as selecting top quality materials for the outer surface layer of their balls, they have a rubber cover integrated just under the surface which reinforces the windings and bladder beneath. In the BGGX basketball, the basketball contains minute air bubbles in the rubber layer, which gives the basketball a softer feel than the other balls in the range.

      The windings have been R&D-ed to get the optimal elasticity for the basketballs, achieved using a nylon-polyester blend.

      Th core of Molten basketballs, Molten bladders have an excellent record for air pressure retention, aided by a high retention performance butyl bladder.


      The most notable differences in the new Molten Basketball Technology are on the surface of the basketball, where the colour and construction have been tweaked for performance.

  • Parallel Pebble Surface

    The traditional raised bumps have been flattened out on the new model as well as the others in the range for a smoother finish allowing for better grip and control, thanks to an increase in the contact area between a players hand and the surface.

    The pebbles are also modified in terms of shape and placement, to create a geometric & uniform surface across the basketball giving more consistency in touch and performance.

    Flattened Seams

    The seams of the basketball have also been flattened out for consistency of performance and touch. This reduces the height difference between the panels and the gaps between the panels.

    The all-round flatter construction means a more consistent backspin on the ball for more precise shooting and passing, no matter which position the basketball is held in.

    Enhanced Visibility

    The colour has been tweaked slightly, with the lighter panels being toned down further to give an even greater contrast in the colours across the basketball.

    The colour change gives it better visibility on the court, and allows the rotation of the basketball to be seen more accurately at from afar. This allows spectators and TV audiences to get a clearer sight of the way the basketball moves around the court.


    The new Molten X Basketball Technology has been implemented across the range of Molten basketballs.

    The ever popular basketball series has been revamped and the same is true of the official FIBA game ball

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