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MERCIAN Evolution 0.1 GK GIRDLE -

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Wrap around GK pants with high-level protection in all the right areas. Ergonomically designed to cover specific impact points and danger areas. The foam and plastic combinations give a lightweight yet highly protective solution, stitched over a flexible Lycra inner shell. Durability will be improved if girdle is worn with GK Overshorts (Code: CA10, Size: XS to XL).

Manufactured to European quality standards

Designed by international keepers from MERCIAN sponsored players such as Tyler Lovell (Aus), George Pinner (Eng/GB), Amy Tennant (Eng / GB), Tommy Alexander (Scotland) and Devon Manchester (NZ). These are some of the most protective, lightweight and high-rebound items available.

As the role of the ‘keeper continues to grow as the game becomes faster and faster, simple shot-stopping is just a small part as mobility, agility and flexibility are increasingly called upon by the new ‘sweeper keeper’, an active part of the defensive unit.

All the items in the growing GK range are designed to enhance protection but minimise weight thus aiding pure speed and inspiring confidence in the GK’s own ability.

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