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FIFA Approved UEFA Europa League OMB - Molten 5000 (Official Match Ball) -

  • $17900


The new Molten Europa League 2018-19 OMB boasts a design inspired by the new brand identity of the Europa League. The new official match ball of the UEFA Europa League by Molten is white with a striking graphic pattern in different shades of orange. A design expressing the dynamic nature of the competition and the journey of the club throughout Europe.

Uses technology from the flagship model "Vantaggio 5000 Premier" in Molten's range of soccer balls. Molten's proprietary thermal bonding technology offers true sphericity and extremely low, or no water absorption, and the dimpled texturing on the surface suppresses ball trajectory shake & vibration due to controlled air resistance during flight. Hi-tech science involved here!

Their proprietary thermal bonding technology, ensures a smooth & seamless absolute round ball structure which is impossible using other methods such as hand sewn or machine stitcthing. Due to its super low water absorption performance, it doesnt take in water even in wet weather, aiding top performance by players in all conditions.

By processing the dimple (indentation) of the Molten Europa League ball 2018/19 surface, has been reduced the air resistance during flight and suppressed the blur of the ball trajectory. As a result, the UEFA Europa League 2018/2019 ball control has further improved, enabling more accurate paths and shoots.

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