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Kettlebells offer all the benefits of dumbbell training, plus a few more. Thick handles challenge your grip, and the position of the weight which is designed to be off-balanced in relation to the handle to work your core extra hard.

They're versatile & ideal for explosive exercises that work major muscles, burn body fat, and build power, but they also add a new dimension to classic moves like chest presses and flys. You don't need a whole rack of them to get a great workout & most times, just one or two different weights suffice for routines/sets. Use them regularly and you'll see the body you've always wanted, really quick.

These are competition Kettle Bells of which the sizes does not change as the weight increases. All weights come in one standard dimension, made of steel and are for a uniform training experience at all times. Competition kettlebells have +- 35mm handles designed for high repetition exercises. If you have used barbells, think about when you train with plates that are all the same size regardless of weight so that your form is always the same during Olympic lifts. Competition Kettlebells are the same premise, but in kettlebell form. 

Each are individually moulded and cast to the correct weight without fillers. One solid piece casting without any weldings, and without a welding rod (of course) in the middle like regular kettlebells which may vibrate when in conatct with other objects which leads to lack of precision weights and balance helping with more comfortable insertions for better/uniform form and workouts.

Top moulded with a thicker handle base and a greater percentage of load toward the top of the bell's body ensures that it doesn't pull the lifter's arm to the outside when overhead or in the rack position helping with energy conservation and injury prevention.

Raw casting gives kettlebells the rugged and rough outlook dis-similar to regular kettlebells. Expect a raw outlook over its shipping and delivery and over continuous use. Due to its precision casting methods, a light paint finish is used which doesn't affect the weight and distribution.

April 2020
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