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Hardcase Luggage - Carrier Case Equipment Bag PC2816N - Arcade Sports

Hardcase Luggage - Carrier Case Equipment Bag PC2816N -

  • $6000

25cm X 18cm X 12cm

High strength, high impact resistance, and waterproof seal against  moisture, dust. Comes with hardware box sponge (or guard interval),  ideal for delicate professional equipment storage.

Widely used in sports & physical education, public security, fire protection, counter-terrorism, the military (cross-sea combat), many areas of aviation, outdoor photography, field trips, scientific exploration etc; where carefully protection of precious equipment is necessary.

Solid construction : box using a high impact polymer material made from injection moulding under tough compression for heavy duty performance.

Seal : flat type flexible sealing foam rubber strip to ensure a waterproof airtightness for high protection against the elements.

Durable : hinged with stainless steel for durability against corrosion.

Multi-purpose : the normal operating temperature range of -25°C to +80°C; optional moisture cards can be used, to achieve low humidity preservation; or according to the actual needs of optional accessories to meet various special requirements. (Moisture cards are specific to equipment, and does not come with this box)

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