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EVOLUTION 0.6 HEX 2018 Hockey Stick -

  • $27900
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An 85% Carbon construction hockey stick with multiple material composite base layers for durability, torsional strength & 'feel'. The Evolution 0.6 is available in Pro Bend to aid regular skill execution & HEX bend. The flatter face profile of the PRO (compared to the Ultimate & DSH) aids pure hitting and slapping skills, both in terms of accuracy & the tendency to lift the ball. The 85% carbon construction creates a stick that easily transfers a high percentage of a player's energy to the ball, offering high ball speeds on slaps and hits. The HEX bend is a hexagonal handle giving unique positioning feel for the palm of the hand and fingertips. The handle flattens into the shaft giving enhanced stiffness because of the clear spine and also an identifiable backhand area. The 15% of 'other' composite materials ensures a good level of vibration control and offers a softness that helps ball control and connects the players to the ball for a higher level of skill execution than just a power focussed product.

      • Product Code: HSEV618HEX
      • Colour:Black / Metallic Green
      • Length: 36.5, 37.5
      • Weight: Light Only
      • Bend: HEX Bend (Hybrid Lacrosse / Hockey Shaft with Ultimate Bend Face)
      • Composition: 85% Carbon
      • Laquer: Matt / Gloss Combination
      • Technology: Cold Satin Laquer, M-Gel and Piezo-Eletric fibres for vibration control, High friction finish on face, supersoft cushion grip


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