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CSign 7.100 100% Carbon Senior Extreme Low Bow -

  • $22000
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7.100 – Extreme low bow 100% carbon senior “Robert van der Horst”

Size: 37,5″

This stick is designed for the professional hockey player Robert van der Horst, FIH worldplayer of 2015.

The 100% carbon stick is extremely strong with balanced stiffness allowing you  a hard but well controlled push or hit. The Extreme Low Bow balance point of 36 cm promises you hard forehand and backhand shots and fast lifting/scoop techniques.

This stick has a special 3D Curved head which is extremely favourable with the dragflick specialist.

Designed with extra kevlar reinforcements on backhand - and headside and with extra gripzone for supreme ball handling. Chase your goals!

Material: 100% Carbon

  • Extreme Low bow: 24,75 mm
  • Head: Maxi
  • Serial number: 20170206

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