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Carrom Board - TARGET - Inner Pocket +

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Solid wood frames, and solid wood-ply boards. 

Made in India.

These are quality boards, hand made from the home of the sport. These are not made from  cheap particle boards or chip boards from factories in the OTHER major Asian country.  What it might lack in fit & finish of cheap factory-churned boards, these make up with quality materials which will stand the test of time.

Quality crafted by hand. Built to last a lifetime when played and maintained with care. 
(82cm x 82cm)

A smooth playing surface, carefully finished for high playing standards and long durable usage. Design patterns and colours used on playing surface may vary from batch to batch (as these are not factory boards)

Comes with set of carrom men and striker.
Safe-Fragile delivery done in-house,(within 4 working days) chargeable at S$10.00 

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