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Agility Speed Rings -

  • $800

Ring agility drills are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness & they are an integral part of many SAQ programs and compliment many different sports and events.

These are about quality and form rather than producing overload & the drills aren't meant to leave one fatigued or breathless.

Better performed at the start of a session after the warm up where muscles should be fresh to ensure good quality of movement. Since they don't exhaust one, resistance or endurance training can still be done after.

    Configurable in many different ways
    Suitable for both indoor or outdoor use
    Lightweight and portable
    Available in Size: 24inch and 29inch

    • Speak to us on the multitude of drills that we can share to cater to your individual needs with these rings, with our experienced in-house track & field / hockey and S&C coaches!

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