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Agility Speed Hurdles - Arcade Sports

Agility Speed Hurdles -

  • $1400

Hurdle agility drills are an excellent way to improve foot speed, agility, coordination and overall quickness & they are an integral part of many SAQ programs and compliment many different sports and events.

Speed agility drills are about quality and form rather than producing overload & the drills aren't meant to leave one fatigued or breathless.

Better performed at the start of a session after the warm up where muscles should be fresh to ensure good quality of movement. Since they don't exhaust one, resistance or endurance training can still be done after.

    • Available as 6, 9 12 or 18 inches height
    • Durable all weather PP material
    • Sold in individual units
    • Speak to us on the multitude of drills that we can share to cater to your individual needs with these equipment, with our experienced in-house track & field / hockey and S&C coaches!

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