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4" Cones (Set of 20) -X

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Flexible 4" (10cm tall) soft silicone plastic cones.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Meets IAAF Specifications.

Track use, safe even when stepped or tripped upon. Flexible rubber.
Perfect for agility training, Slalom Marking, Roller Skating or even Pile cup stacks!

Consists of: 
5 x Red Cones
5 x Yellow Cones
5 x Green Cones
5 x Blue Cones

old as a pack of 20pcs (5 per colour)

Coaches and athletes know cone training is key for adding agility and speed during conditioning. That’s why they were developed early on in competitive sports & condition training. 

These sports training cones are manufactured with superior quality & whatever sport you may be playing or coaching, these cones will help you set boundaries and lines and run drills and exercises. These are flexible and weather resistant, ensuring long-term durability and are unmatched when it comes to durability and convenience.

Get your sports training and practice cones today. 

Live Life, Live Sport

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