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Multi-function Headgear / Scarf / Buff / Muffler / Bandana

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Superbly versatile and can be worn in great number of different ways for protection, comfort and even fashion!  Available in solid colours, patterned designs, tie-dye yarn dyed stripes, chic designs & even classic & digital camouflage.

Protects your skin from the dust, dirt & insects & keeps you covered from the harmful rays of the sun.

Over 80 colours & designs available now, ensuring a unique & un-matched design always. Out in the hustle & bustle of city or the great outdoors.

Manufactured to be completely seam-free ensuring nothing goes tangled or frays apart. Stretchy & super versatile for all shapes & swizes. Made out of Micro-fibre which is wickable, breathable & wind resistant, making it excellent for use in all weather conditions, hot or cold all year-round. A great difference when you're breathing through it, it does'nt feel stuffy or suffocate you unlike regular cloth bandanas and scarves..

Some of the common yet really useful ways
1) As a neck scarf, & it isn't heavy & irritable like conventional scarfs.
2) As a face mask/ ski mask for cold, dirty or dusty conditions which you can actually breathe through comfortably.
3) As a helmet liner with neck covered.
4) As a full-face balaclava for off-roading & ski-ing.
5) As a buff tail bandana to look like Agassi.
6) As a simple head band for sweaty outdoors.
7) As a pull over head cover scarf for the roackstar in you.
8) As a neat two-lined beanie.
9) As a sweat band around your wrists.
10) As a tube-top for ladies.
11) As a skirt for those packing really light!

and so much more!...

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