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FLEX BALLS - TPR Exercise Tool +

  • $1390

Helps build strength in your wrist and grip, which can increase the number of repetitions in gym training and forearm endurance. Also effective for people recovering from wrist & forearm injuries or for those with arthritis. Check with your doctor to determine the proper exercises for your wrist.

Squeezing a rubber ball can help strengthen weak muscles on the inside and sides of your wrist. Start with a soft stress ball and squeeze it 10 times, holding the squeeze for five seconds each time. Work up to three sets, then use progressively the firmer ball if necessary/when ready.

TPR - Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber.
Easy to keep clean as it doesn't attract & absorb dirt/bacteria. Durable & is able to stretch & deform to moderate elongations, yet retain & return to its original shape thus you will never worry about long term usage.
True to EcoWellness's ethos, this is recyclable & consumes less energy to produce.

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